Rebound Sports Performance offers speed development programs, performance programs and camps for athletes of all ages. Any of our programs and camps can be delivered to teams, small groups or individually.

A Performance Evaluation is the first step to achieving your goals! We evaluate posture, strength, flexibility, balance, speed, acceleration, first step quickness, agility and explosive strength. This allows us to identify what components need the greatest attention.

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Our Programs

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The FAST Program delivers speed, agility, quickness and explosive strength, as well as decreased injury chances!

FAST Elite

The Elite program is an advanced version of the original FAST program that will allow a highly trained high school or collegiate athlete to continue training at a higher level!

Soccer Speed

The Soccer Speed program provides soccer specific speed development activities and injury prevention. It contains all the components of the FAST program plus soccer specific skills.

Strength & Conditioning

The Strength & Conditioning program focuses on strengthening movements not muscles. Each athlete will experience training to improve total body strength and conditioning.

Jump Training

The Jump Training program emphasizes proper mechanics, improves vertical jump and greatly reduces injury chances through the teaching and training of quick and explosive movements.

Golf Fitness

The Golf Fitness program focuses on posture, balance, flexibility, strength and fitness, with a custom program designed to allow you to reduce injury chances and reach your goals. You will improve your distance, accuracy and consistency!

Our Camps

Our FAST and Soccer Speed Camps are a unique training experience! Our highly experienced and qualified staff provide the essential foundation for building speed into any athlete’s training program.

Camp Participants receive training in specific drills and exercises for maximum improvement of:

  • First-Step Quickness & Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Lateral Speed & Agility
  • Footwork
  • Flexibility
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