Burt DeWeese, PT Presents:

As the World Turns

Nov 18
Rebound Physical Therapy 5220 SW 17th Street Topeka, KS 66604
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  • Do you get dizzy or does the room start spinning when you change head or body positions?
  • Do you have frequent loss of balance or occasional falls?
  • Are you afraid of falling because of a few “close calls” and must hold or catch yourself when climbing stairs or walking on uneven ground?

Join us for a FREE workshop to learn:

  • How your inner ear and balance systems work.
  • The most common causes of dizziness and imbalance.
  • What successful treatment and relief of symptoms look like without the side effects of medications.
  • How to avoid injuries with a successful fall prevention program.

Seating is limited, don't miss out! Light refreshments will be served.

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