Rebound Physical Therapy is proud to announce we are adding massage therapy to the list of services we provide patients. Therapeutic massage promotes tissue healing, helps loosen up the muscles to alleviate pain, and increase range of motion. This helps restructure the body so you can improve your physical performance and stay in shape!




At Rebound, we don’t see people as broken – with some unchangeable condition to be coped with.
We take a rebellious approach: we isolate, “What can’t you do now?” and work out how to return to
you what you previously could do.
This approach is based on you, your life and what you should be able to do – not merely masking
symptoms you’re now struggling with.
Our philosophy: adverse conditions were meant to be handled, not masked because they are
“unchangeable” or accepted as unalterable.
This is what we’ve been doing for the last 27 years for those we serve.
The root cause of your problem can be isolated and fully repaired – not merely labeled and tolerated.
Our clinic is built on this belief.
And our clients routinely reclaim their previous mobility.
So they can get BACK IN ACTION. Start living life to the fullest again. Rebound.

Meet Your Recovery Team

All of our physical therapists are dedicated to your health and recovery. Rebound Physical Therapy is a caring environment, with physical therapists educated the best and most up-to-date exercises and recovery options to get you back to the things you love doing most! Not only will you recover stronger and faster from your initial injury, but you also learn how to maintain those benefits and prevent re-injury.



Community relations is one of Rebound Physical Therapy’s highest priorities. We have created a platform and space for doctors, nurses, health professionals, and many more individuals to feel supported. We journey outside of the clinic to help inform, educate, and learn with health care professionals.

We’ve held 130 public talks and have an attendance of ___ to our events. We believe the key to a pain-free life begins with educated caregivers. Nothing is “unchangeable” at Rebound Physical Therapy.

Check out our Health Partner’s Corner for updates about our next events and useful information to learn more about the new innovations in the healthcare world.

Why Patients Choose Us

Brooke is not just a perdy face! this woman knows her stuff. I’ve been with upwards of 15-20 therapists for my back issues. She knows anatomy!

Amanda R.

They were very professional, kind, and extremely engaged in doing there best to help me recover from a wrist injury.

Daniel S.

Every person in my family has needed physical therapy at some point, and we always request Rebound. They make us feel comfortable and welcome from the moment we step in the door. We receive excellent care and clear instructions for home. And they work with my schedule to limit time away from work.

Kelly K.

Rebound has played the MAJOR role in helping me regain my balance, ability to function and confidence to move normally after a sudden onset of vestibular neuritis. Long after resolution of the acute onset of symptoms, Rebound staff patiently and expertly led me through exercises to improve my ability to move and the improvement has been great!

Patty S.

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Is your pain making it difficult for you to concentrate? Are you hoping it will just go away but it’s still hurting you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those three questions and you want to call us and make an appointment to see one of our qualified Physical Therapists. We will interview you, find out your problem, layout the customized plan for you and work with you personally.

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