Patient Testimonials

  • Every person in my family has needed physical therapy at some point, and we always request Rebound. They make us feel comfortable and welcome from the moment we step in the door. We receive excellent care and clear instructions for home. And they work with my schedule to limit time away from work.

    Kelly K.

  • They were very professional, kind, and extremely engaged in doing there best to help me recover from a wrist injury.

    Daniel S.

  • Brooke is not just a perdy face! this woman knows her stuff. I’ve been with upwards of 15-20 therapists for my back issues. She knows anatomy!

    Amanda R.

  • Rebound has played the MAJOR role in helping me regain my balance, ability to function and confidence to move normally after a sudden onset of vestibular neuronitis. Long after resolution of the acute onset of symptoms, Rebound staff patiently and expertly led me through exercises to improve my ability to move and the improvement has been great! It has been many months of very slow, steady improvement, but the result is very satisfying! I feel I have returned to a “normal” lifestyle. The staff is very personable and pleasant- They are great!

    Patty S.